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More parents turn to GreatSchools.orgCá tiền than any other source to find information about schools and how to support their children’s learning. As a nonprofit, our mission is to help all parents find the best educational opportunities for their children by providing accurate, actionable information about schools and learning, and helping support the connection between school and home. For school leaders, we offer resources you can use to connect with parents and to share more information about what makes your school special.


Claim your school’s profile

As a school leader, you know your school best. We want to help you tell your school’s story and ensure our information is as robust and accurate as possible. With this in mind, we offer vetted school officials free School Accounts, which you can use to “claim” your school’s profile and update key information and share more about what makes your school unique.

Sign up for a School Account

It’s easy as 1-2-3: Enter your school’s name in the search box, sign up for an account using your professional school email address, and then customize your profile! (Please note:Cá tiền we take data security seriously, so we’ll verify your affiliation with the school before publishing changes).

Reach prospective parents

For school officials who are looking to promote their school and encourage prospective families to visit or enroll, we offer two paid programs:

An annual program that includes highly targeted outreach units appearing on search results and local school profiles; an enrollment lead capture form to help connect interested prospective families with your admissions personnel, and an integrated module to promote upcoming events and announcements on your school’s GreatSchools profile page.

For schools with smaller budgets (under $5,000), we offer a self-serve advertising platform that provides a simple, automated way to build a campaign and reach prospective families. Upload your message, select targeting parameters and assess results.

Reinforce the school-home connection

Extend the impact of the classroom by helping parents support their child’s learning at home. GreatSchools’ original (and always free) content is grounded in the latest research and learning science and written in a tone and formats that work for parents’ busy lives. From understanding new learning standards and how to help children master grade-level skills, to explaining new state tests and how to use the results to support learning all year long, to developing children’s social-emotional capacities, our content can help teachers and school leaders reinforce classroom activities and support great learning at home.

We encourage you to share these free resources with your staff and parent community!


GreatSchools weekly: a round-up of our best articles, worksheets and more.
Grade-by-Grade: weekly updates tailored to a child’s grade, including academics, social-emotional learning and key developmental milestones.

GreatSchools Test Guide for Parents

Cá tiềnNew standards, and the associated SBAC and PARCC tests, can be confusing for parents and challenging to explain for teachers and administrators. This free guide helps parents understand their child’s score report, explains the skills their child is expected to know (and why), offers sample test questions, and offers simple ways parents can help if their child is struggling.


Cá tiềnWhat does on-track learning look like? This free collection of short videos helps make standards tangible for parents by showing what successful learning looks like, with real children demonstrating mastery of key parents understand what proficiency looks like skills their child will need to master at each grade level.grade-level expectations look like, and how they can help their child master key skills. The K-8 Milestones collection shows real students demonstrating what success looks like on a grade-by-grade basis in reading, writing and math. The high school Milestones collection shows teens demonstrating critical real-world skills they’ll need to be well-prepared for college and career.

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