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93 "Dilemmas" videos

Emilia’s story

GreatSchools’ weekly grade-based newsletters empower parents to support their child’s academic and social-emotional learning. One reader shares the role the newsletters have played in her life.

When Mom says yes and Dad says no

"We can't look like two heads as parents," says America's SupernannyCá tiền Deborah Tillman. "It confuses the child." Here's how to fix this common parenting mistake.

Christine Carter on giving honest reassurance

Cá tiền author Christine Carter explains how to respond to questions like, "Am I smart?" in a way that's both honest and constructive.

Carol Dweck on 3 things for true success

Telling children they're smart makes them believe "smart" is either something they have or don't have and so squelches motivation, says Stanford University psychologist and author Carol Dweck. Instead, explain to kids that if they're doing these three things, they are on the right track.

Signs your child is being bullied

Kids won't always speak up when they're being bullied at school, so parents need to look for warning signs. This video teaches parents what to look for so that they can step in, talk to teachers, and teach their child how to respond to bullies. The video is most appropriate for parents of children in third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.

How to choose the right chore for your child

Cá tiềnAmerica's Supernanny says it's not a question of whether or not your child should do chores — it's a question of assigning chores based on your child's personality and work habits.

3 surprising tips for raising honest kids

Want your child to tell the truth? Here's what research shows really works — and a common mistake that actually encourages lying.

Help your child resist peer pressure

Help your child stay safe and out of trouble by saying "no" to peer pressure.

Madeline Levine on pushing kids too early

Cá tiềnUsing flash cards at age 1. Teaching kids to read at 3. Pushing students to get ahead of the curve in early elementary. Does any of this even help our kids academically?

Bullyproof your child: 8 key takeaways

Cá tiềnIn our latest #emotionalsmarts Google+ Hangout, experts Emily Bazelon and Maurice Elias discussed bullying and identified 8 things all parents should know.

Why parents lose it with their kids

The reasons often have more to do with you than with your child, according to psychologist Madeline Levine. Learn why.

Christine Carter on "Do you think I'm beautiful?"

What should you say when your children ask about their physical appearance? Parenting expert Christine Carter has a smart, thoughtful answer.