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13 "Education trends" videos

Nonfiction for fun and learning, too

Children can learn and have fun at the same time when reading non fiction books. Teach your child nonfiction reading strategies so he can build his reading skills and become a better reader.

Reading games: learning sight words

Cá tiềnPlay "My pile your pile" to expand your child's vocabulary and improve fluency.

Sticky-note your story

Here's a way to use sticky notes to improve reading comprehension.

Reading solution: "Don't give me the answer!"

When a child makes a mistake reading aloud, should you stop and correct him or not?

The magic of echo reading

Try this trick to improve your child's reading fluency.

Decoding words

Decoding words is one of the fundamental reading skills that children must learn to be better readers. Learn how to teach your child the basic of decoding strategies.

Follow my finger

Cá tiềnHelp your child learn the way around a book.

Picture walk

Cá tiềnReading the pictures helps kids with comprehension.

The 5 finger strategy

Cá tiềnCan your child retell a story?

Facts (and fiction) about school test scores

Cá tiềnThey're never the whole story, but test scores do offer important information about a school. If you know how to dig deeper.

What to say when your child complains about their teacher

Raising HappinessCá tiền author Christine Carter says too many parents respond by saying, "Of course she doesn't!" But this isn't the right approach.

John Duffy on "My teacher hates me!"

The psychologist and author of The Available Parent says that parents aren't necessarily helping their kids if they go straight to the teacher. Try this instead.