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13 "Math" videos

One key 2nd grade math skill

Cá tiềnMastering addition and subtraction skills this year will help your child with more complex concepts next year.

One key kindergarten math skill

Cá tiềnCounting to 100 is more than 1, 2, 3. For kindergartners, it's learning to count by 10s and learning to count on.

One key 1st grade math skill

We've heard math is different under Common Core, but how? One teacher explains how she's teaching kids about numbers differently now — in a way we can all understand.

One key 4th grade math skill

Cá tiềnThis year, it's critical for kids to master certain math skills. Find out which skills are most essential — and one simple way to practice them all!

What makes 1st grade so different?

In first grade, kids learn a few key skills that help them navigate the big, wide world around them.

Want to give your kids a head start in school? Talk math!

Get tips on adding math and number-talk into your everyday life from learning expert Annie Murphy Paul.

What not to say about math

Got math anxiety? Chances are you're passing it on to your kids. But there's hope — here are some do's and don'ts on how to talk to them about math.

What it really means to be good at math

Cá tiềnHint — there's no need for speed.

Why is group work important in math class?

In the real world you sometimes have to convince people your way is right, and an algorithm doesn't do it.

What math concept should a 7th grader master before 8th grade?

Do they know about the "undoing" of addition and multiplication?

Erica Reischer on "I'm bad at math!"

Instead of focusing on whether they're "good" or "bad" at something, help kids see the value of hard work, says parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer.

Carol Dweck on "I'm bad at math!"

Stanford researcher and Mindset author Carol Dweck says when kids utter this common refrain, respond using a powerful word that changes everything.