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Kids with character: Generosity

Cá tiềnGenerosity boosts happiness, has a ripple effect, and can be taught. See how this family’s $100 giving challenge resulted in something extraordinary.

Pop quiz on the science of generosity

Research reveals some surprisingly easy ways to teach your child to be generous.

Inside a place-based school

The idea behind place-based education is to immerse students in learning by locating the school inside an inspiring learning environment. Public Museum School, a middle school in Grand Rapids, MI, for example, is on the top floor of a museum.

Kids with character: Gratitude

Research shows that gratitude increases resilience, happiness, and optimism. This 6th grader finds reasons to feel grateful every day.

Kids with character: Honesty

What would you do if you found a wallet on the ground? When this child did, he went to great lengths to get it back to its owner. He shares his thoughts about the importance of honesty with GreatSchools.

Inside a performance-based learning school

Performance-based learning means that students get to learn at their own pace. See how adopting this model changed student outcomes at Lindsay High School.

3 ways to raise a kid who won't quit

Find out what the research says about teaching your child to work hard, finish what they start, and achieve their goals.

Inside a high-expectations, high-support school

Cá tiềnMany charter schools have adopted this school model to help traditionally underserved students prepare for college. KIPP Bayview Academy, a 5-8 school in San Francisco, exemplifies this cool school model.

Inside a Montessori school

Long embraced by preschools, Montessori-style education is being implemented in elementary, middle, and even high schools. For example, see how Urban Montessori School in Oakland, CA serves kindergartners through eighth graders.

Inside an environmental science school

Cá tiềnAt an environmental science school, students learn inside the classroom and outside in nature. See how C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy, a K-11 school in Grand Rapids, MI, incorporates environmental science into kids’ daily lives.

Inside a language immersion school

Cá tiềnAt language immersion schools, students spend half the day learning in English and half the day learning in their target language. Here's a day in the life at Broadway Elementary School, a K-6 language immersion school in Venice, California.

Inside Design Tech High School, a project-based learning school

Cá tiềnDesign thinking is a proven method of inquiry and exploration, like the scientific method. At this project-based school, students approach projects through the lens of design thinking.