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How to create a love for reading

Cá tiềnHelping a child learn about the things she loves can foster a lifelong passion for reading, especially for beginning readers. This video explains how parents of beginning readers should support reading in any form, whether it's a storybook, comic book, or magazine. The video is most appropriate for parents of children in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

Helping your child choose good friends

Parents learn helpful ways to explain to their child about what makes a good friend and how friends should treat each other. Parents will also learn how to help their child communicate clearly to other children. The video is most appropriate for parents of children in first grade, second grade, and third grade.

Signs your child is being bullied

Kids won't always speak up when they're being bullied at school, so parents need to look for warning signs. This video teaches parents what to look for so that they can step in, talk to teachers, and teach their child how to respond to bullies. The video is most appropriate for parents of children in third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.

How to choose the right chore for your child

Cá tiềnAmerica's Supernanny says it's not a question of whether or not your child should do chores — it's a question of assigning chores based on your child's personality and work habits.

3 surprising tips for raising honest kids

Want your child to tell the truth? Here's what research shows really works — and a common mistake that actually encourages lying.

One key 8th grade writing skill

A writer's voice can transform sentences on a page into a well-written narrative. Here's one simple way to help your eighth grader improve their writing by developing their voice.

One key kindergarten math skill

Cá tiềnCounting to 100 is more than 1, 2, 3. For kindergartners, it's learning to count by 10s and learning to count on.

Help your child resist peer pressure

Help your child stay safe and out of trouble by saying "no" to peer pressure.

5 ways to make lunch more fun

No more half-eaten lunches!
These quick tricks make school lunch something to smile about.

What kids want in a president

We asked kids what qualities they think our country's next leader should have.

One key 1st grade math skill

We've heard math is different under Common Core, but how? One teacher explains how she's teaching kids about numbers differently now — in a way we can all understand.

One key 2nd grade reading skill

Cá tiềnDoes your child tell (and retell) stories from favorite books? Good news! That's a key reading skill, according to this second grade teacher.