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One key 6th grade reading skill

Surprise! This teacher’s description of the new expectations for student reading is nothing like the sixth grade most parents remember.

One key 5th grade reading skill

Want to make sure your fifth grader is ready for sixth grade? This teacher’s simple suggestion may surprise you.

One key 3rd grade writing skill

Do you know what to look for in your third grader's writing? This teacher describes exactly what you should see — and in what order.

One key 1st grade writing skill

Cá tiềnAt this age, it may seem like writing is as simple as putting pen to paper, but as this teacher explains, your child is already learning a multi-step writing process.

One key 7th grade writing skill

Cá tiềnIs your kid argumentative? Make sure they learn this skill! One teacher describes how seventh graders should address opposing viewpoints in their essays.

One key 4th grade math skill

Cá tiềnThis year, it's critical for kids to master certain math skills. Find out which skills are most essential — and one simple way to practice them all!

What makes 3rd grade so important?

Cá tiềnThis teacher describes third grade as a “make or break” year for kids’ academic self-esteem. Learn how to make sure your child survives this vulnerable stage.

One key 2nd grade writing skill

What should your second grader be learning in terms of writing this year? This teacher’s expectations suggest a level of complexity that might surprise you.

One key kindergarten language skill

We all know kids are supposed to nail those ABCs, but there’s another, even more important reading skill that many parents overlook.

What makes 1st grade so different?

In first grade, kids learn a few key skills that help them navigate the big, wide world around them.

How do kids learn best?

There's a common misconception that kids learn best by discovering things on their own, but hear what learning expert Annie Murphy Paul says really works.

Want to give your kids a head start in school? Talk math!

Cá tiềnGet tips on adding math and number-talk into your everyday life from learning expert Annie Murphy Paul.